Two Books for closing this Blog


Jacques Ranciere, contemporary French Philosopher, may give us an answer for our question of ethical aspect of this project. How can we aesthetize such a terrible ethical and political despair? He answers both regimes (politics and aesthetics) have the same origin (the theory of representation originated from Plato’s political writing, “Republic,” for example). Both, in terms of “the Distribution of the sensible”, may be the same in the end. Therefore, political voice and ethical responsibility will culminate when they are most deeply engaged with aesthetic sensibility.


Above all, I introduce this book in Homage of Professor Gregory Ulmer. Following is a part of review that I found from google…

“Jacques Ranciere’s The Ignorant Schoolmaster is a text that has been throughly dissected for its pedagogical uses. In the book Ranciere documents the intellectual adventures of Joseph Jacotot, a man who in the 18th and 19th centuries, struggled to further his views of intellectual emancipation.

Jacotot, who due to the dominating politics of the time, was forced to teach students who spoke a language he did not know. Using an interpreter Jacotot instructed the students to read a bilingual edition of a book and then, through their reading, he instructed them to write and think in the French language. Amazed at the results, Jacotot decided on three principles:

1 – All men have equal intelligence

2 – Every man has received from god the ability to instruct himself

3 – Everything is in everything

Jacotot singlehandedly waged war against the Old masters and, in particular, attacked the idea of explication. Jacotot questioned why one mind needed to explain a text to another mind – why couldn’t the mind of the student figure out the text, what did explication do? Jacotot went on to argue that parents could teach their children subjects they didn’t know – all that was needed was that these new instructors could verify not the details of the particular knowledge, but that the student is confident in their knowledge.”

Last time, Dr. Ulmer said that Instructions should be given from himself to us. But what we were given was “two different grammer books”. You knew that we were going to find out how to speak another language that we have never spoken before. I deeply appreciate that.


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