The Logo from prototypes

The Attractor here is TRIANGLE as a perspectival form or vanishig point, which can be said as a tragic reduction of a culture to its own end, losing its visibility eventually. I added to it a kind of fractal that Dr. Ulmer suggested to me in order to represent the infinity of this reduction.
Another attractor is the name, RWANDA.I think the name, Rwanda, will be a signifier( a kind of image that can be spoken)on which one can project thier desire to experience (to see, to hear, or to
say) the very essence of thier culture; a tragic essence, a disaster.
Finally, overall shape of this logo is a human face that is directely looking at you. Face-to-face encounter is one of the dramatic factors this logo touches upon, generating responsibility to the other, as Levinas says…
I want this to be seen as a spector of the other that was slaughtered in Rwanda..





~ by cjc128 on April 13, 2009.

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