Energy Pattern of disaster

First I thought the original energy pattern of this disaster might have something to do with double, two, conflict between two, or a blind desire toward unity. The disaster(Rwandan Genocide) in its origin began with a subject/object dualism (Belgian colonists came to Rwanda, and immediately Rwandans were subject to the white Europeans. The Europeans gave Tucci which was relatively a minor tribe a governing power; the tragedy had begun when the ignorant Tucci was given the power to control the feudal order, and then, Class consciousness emerged in Hutu very naturally.)
Derrida has revealed how systematically the number two has dominated the whole western construction of philosophy, culture and history. Revealing this binary pair was the core of his de-construction. Anyway, the same violent logic that “the weaker become the victim of the strong” was represented in Rwanda again in 1994. A sweeping energy swallowed a million of innocent Hutu people as a result of chaotic hegemonic civil war. Tucci militants claim that “that useless Hutu cockroaches should be killed off!”
I don’t want to brand it. It should never be recalled or it can never be recalled. Instead, what I want to brand is the feeling of it; its overwhelming violence, its suicidal nature over humanity that I have metaphorize by tunnel image, and most importantly an premonition requesting an ethical voice.
Our civilization runs toward an end, as my enfant persona did in the dark tunnel. Two parallel lines run into the end, a vanishing point. For me at least, the end was a bright light which was so bright that I could never lose my way despite the horrible darkness and the hallucinating mirages of the death that inscribed in the dark ceiling of the tunnel and the dark ceiling of our civilization. We need something (or someone) that is able to converge the two parallel energies going separately toward doom. We need a vanishing point which is a prophecy of unification, mediation of the two forces, a triangle.
Perhaps this is what Macnab and Jung was meant to say: “The harmonic product of the action of unity upon duality create a third possibility – a separate entity that is a unique communication of wholeness and expresses the growth of unity within itself. Carl Jung put it this way “… every tension of opposites culminates in a release, out of which comes the “third.” In the third, the tension is resolved and the lost unity is restored.”


~ by cjc128 on April 3, 2009.

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