Entertainment – pleasure – sublime; “Awesome!”


[on Aesthetic Reflection]
For “logically” (aesthetic) reflection is called judgment, but “psychologically,” … it is nothing but the feeling of pleasure and displeasure. As a faculty of knowledge, it is devoted to the heuristic, and in procuring “sensations,” the meaning of which … it fully discloses its tautegorical character, a term by which I designate the remarkable fact that pleasure and displeasure are at once both a “state” of the soul and the “information” collected by the soul relative to its state. — Jean-Francois Lyotard in Lessons on the Analytic of the Sublime.

Entertainment is the key word for experience economy. My second mission in this blog is to brand the disaster- Rwandan Genocide. How can I entertain you with this horrable events- a milion death in 10 days.
Probably we can find an answer from Kant, his concept of sublime.


~ by cjc128 on April 1, 2009.

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