This is not the experience economy

QUESTION – Branding is a way to generate a visible or identifiable symbol of a certain product in order to predict, experience, and exchange its value. But, a traumatic cultural experience such as Holocaust or Rwandan genocide cannot be explained in the commercial value-system, because it is unexchangeable, unexperienceable, and unpredictable, as Blanchot said. Disaster is invisible and by its invisibility which is transformable in various social contexts, we relieve the fear, as Biel showed to us. How can we make the brand of disaster visible, experienceable, or exchangeable in those previous understanding of disaster’s invisible(or unrepresentable) nature? Is it ethical?

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“In the context of an economy that caters to the experience of the consumer, the value of a commodity is therefore appraised no longer by its actual use and exchange value, nor solely by its representation value, but by its ability to transform the sensation of the subject.”   — Klingmann


~ by cjc128 on March 23, 2009.

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