Constellation – Aster -Disaster

Miro "constellation - awakening early morning"
[ Miro “Constellation, awakening early morning”]

“He does not believe in the disaster. One cannot believe in it, whether one lives or dies. Commensurate with it there is no faith, and at the same time a sort of disinterest, detached from the disaster. Night; white, sleepless night- such is the disaster: the night lacking darkness, but brightened by no light. Would writing be to become, in the book, legible for everyone, and indecipherable for oneself? If disaster means being separated from the star (if it means the decline which characterizes disorientation when the link with fortune from on high is cut), then it indicates a fall beneath disastrous necessity.”
– Blanchot

Disaster; dis-aster; Separating from the star. The truth of the constellation that we see all the time, but never decipher. Something happen to the star, not letting us know what happen. -choi


~ by cjc128 on February 19, 2009.

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