Why the Blog matters? – Space the self meets the Other in the Face-to-Face encounter / Levinas

How can we not fall into the same methodological trap while we write our own electronic history in blog?
How can the blogging reduce or get rid of the distance between the subject and object or the self and the other? How can we demystify the myth of disaster with a new communication technology? How can the crisis of literacy be transformed into the potential of electracy?

I suppose the answers can be made by rethinking the otherness and the remoteness through the new way of writing or representation.

Perhaps, Levinas may give us an important insight on the otherness. He basically denies the conventional concept of the other as an object of self-reflection or self-referential. Instead of the passiveness of the other, he considers the other as an active “interlocutor” that the self can speak with. In Levinas’ sense, the other has its own ontological horizon as long as the self requests for the encounter with the other. Levinas says “I understand being in the other, beyond his or her particular as a being; the person with whom I am in relation, I call being, but in calling him being, I call upon him.” (Is Ontology Fundamental?) This encounter or face to face relation of the self to the other is one way of understanding the other and installing responsibility for the other in the self. Blanchot, a lifetime friend of Levinas, has once pointed out this in WD, but in his melancholic voice.

“It is the other who exposes me to “unity,” causing me to believe in an irreplaceable singularity, for I feel I must not fail him; and at the same time he withdraws me from what would make me unique …. The other is, for his part too, always other, lending himself, however, to unity; he is neither this one nor that one, and nonetheless it is to him alone that, each time, I owe everything, including the loss of myself. The responsibility with which I am charging is not mine, and because of it I am no longer myself.”

Then I ask myself where we can start our own interlocution with the other in order to rethink or rebuild the relationship between the self and the other, and where such a face to face encounter can be made in this electronic culture in order to remove the distance between the self and the other.
Perhaps what we are doing with the blog will be an answer because in blog experiment, we often times find ourselves start talking to the other in ourselves, as I have sensed from our email correspondences last week. I assume this is the possibility of this inter-subjective relation that the blog technology would show us. Let me re-quote Blanchot “The responsibility with which I am charging is not mine, and because of it I am no longer myself.” Is this what we has been feeling since last week?


~ by cjc128 on February 13, 2009.

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