Hotel Rwanda

I have chosen Rwandan Genocide as my own disaster. 80,000 death in 10 days. This is what happened there. How can we understand tragedy like that which goes way beyond our understanding? How can we measure the intensity of the disaster within our faculty of reasoning? In the middle of the mass killing, the UN peacekeeping force left the refugee camp, letting the bloodthirsty militants complete their terrifying massacre and they said “this is too dangerous to help.”
To the West, the dying Rwandan people were the others and they believed the horror would not reach their beloved countries. Its otherness and remoteness are two main figures of this disaster.

Speaking of Hotel Rwanda, a movie of the disaster, one may see that the crisis of humanity that takes place in a small Rwandan village results from its distance to Western protection. The distance that the Rwandan refugees had to cross to stay alive is a rhetorical device to emphasize the otherness of the disaster.


~ by cjc128 on February 13, 2009.

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