Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar’s interview with ART21
Thousands of eyes of a girl who experienced the death of their family and lost her voice for weeks…

“As Blanchot says, a disaster leads us to some sort of fearful recognition that none of our culture, knowledge, or ethics can prevent it. But we are desperately trying to reduce the fear by the social ritual that keeps showing us the anonymous death of the others. With the social ritual, we confirm that we have enough distance to make sure of our own safety from the disaster.
Image production, and artistic representation are the list of the social ritual. They give us a horror without actual threat, like psychic projection on the wall of my old tunnel.
There is no actual disaster in this disaster game. There is no death of subject; there is repetitive death of the Other that assuage the fear.
Writing history (or Producing images) is one of the rituals that relieve the social trauma by showing otherness and remoteness of disaster.”


~ by cjc128 on February 13, 2009.

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