The Social Ritual

titanic1A society mystifies the concept of time and space through writing history (or commemorating it in specific cultural products). And they hope to transform the historical events into petrified objects for understanding. By this process of mystification, one can have sufficient distance from a destructive moment of its history, called a disaster. It turns into the ever occurring –past, and yet it has nothing to do with the present. One may believe that “it won’t happen today to me because it has already happened in the past to somebody else.
They take advantage of sublime intangibility of myth in order to reduce down the shock of tangible disaster.
The intangibility or the absence of a disaster ritualized is the crux of this mystification and perhaps, this is what Biel tried to demonstrate in his Meta-historical writing; he wrote not a history of particular event but a history of history. History is not able to state what really happened; instead, it states what should be happening. Thus, Biel writes history without events or with full of anticipations. Here, a disaster disappears and a tragedy, a form of drama, emerges with such an eloquent role of heroes.



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