Quot 1.

“When we go to the cinema, we enter a theatre which has been re-installed in a monumentalisting machine. The huge fragmented figures projected on the screen are the magnified shards of the outmoded thespians. This implies that the film spectator has also become a fragment of society which acquires identity through its repetitious accumulation; in this process, it becomes an “audience.” The audience is not watching the product of the action of a machine; it is inside a machine and is experiencing the phantasmagoria of that interior. The audience knows this, but it knows it through the labour of trying to forget it. This amnesia is what is known culturally as pleasure and happiness. On the other hand, the utopia of the cinema consists in the ideal of happy, pleasant lucidity which would be created by the revolutionary negation and transformation of amnesiac and monumentalisting cultural forms. Cinematic spectatorship is a somnambulistic approach toward utopia.”

– Jeff Wall, in Vischer and Naef, Quotation from Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before


~ by cjc128 on January 28, 2009.

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